Waiver of Liability

Before hunting with Northern Pine Outfitters it will be necessary for you to sign a waiver of liability (which will be emailed to you upon request), it is also required by the Government that you have a permit to bring a firearm into Canada.

Scroll down to find the firearms declaration.

Now lets get to the fun stuff. It is legal to hunt over bait in Saskatchewan and that is how we hunt deer and bear at Northern Pine Outfitters. We try to have our feed stations in place at least 2 weeks prior to the first client’s arrival but weather can play a big part in this piece of the operation. We put out enough feed stations that each client can hunt at least one site that hasn’t been hunted that year. Travel to and from the feed sites is primarily by ATV and that can be a little muddy, dusty, snowy, wet or even cool, sometimes flippin cold.

Our hunts are six day hunts - Monday through Saturday. We would like you to arrive at our house Sunday afternoon. Once everyone arrives we will travel 40 miles north to our cabin and hunting area. Our area consists of 36,000 acres of wilderness bordering the Primrose Air Weapons Range.


There are only two or three rules that have been implemented at Northern Pine Outfitters. 

  • If you wound it, you tag it. Please practice and be sure of your shot.
  • No alcohol or drugs while you are hunting. In camp if you drink, please be respectful and don’t over do it.
  • If you take it into the bush, bring it out. Please don’t litter!

Firearms Declaration

Click on a file to download.

firearmsdeclaration (pdf)


firearms_continuation_sheet (pdf)


Deer, Bear & Moose hunts

Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer

Deer hunts are over a bait and can be hunted with a rifle, bow or muzzle loader but because of the time of year and the temperatures, we have started using more blinds and less stands. Blinds are more concealing and easier to heat. We supply the heat when needed. Patience is definitely an asset when hunting any species of wildlife especially white tail deer.

Bear Hunts

We only hunt bear in the spring because the success rate is better and if a sow has cubs usually the newborns stay right with her. It is against the law to shoot a sow with newborn cubs at foot in Saskatchewan.

Our bears range in colour from blonde to black and the average size is approximately 180 pounds, but we’ve harvested bears that would weigh in at 500 pounds in the fall.

At Northern Pine Outfitters you can hunt with a bow, rifle or muzzle loader. We set our stands to accommodate whichever means you choose. We use a 12 foot ladder stand with railing or a blind. 

Moose Hunts

Moose hunts are tough and not for the faint of heart. Long hours and lots of miles can take it’s toll on any individual. We offer archery and also rifle hunts for moose. (Northern Pine Outfitters holds two tags only)